About Beau Marchais

Loosely translated, “Beau Marchais” means “Beautiful Walking.”

Pierre Beaumarchais was a French playwright, inventor, musician, spy, and so much more. For the purpose of our winery, Beaumarchais was also one of the strongest supporters of France’s involvement on the side of the Colonists during the American Revolution. Prior to France officially entering the war, he set up a fake business, Roderigue Hortalez and Company, which Louis XVI used to send weapons, munitions, clothing and other supplies to the American rebels. These efforts directly led to the American victory at the Battle of Saratoga.

The idea of making this wine together is viewed by both of us as a beautiful walk together. A journey taken by colleagues, by friends, along the path of wine that we both love. And the idea of a French man, working together with Americans to promote something they both believe in – that obviously appealed as well.

Beau Marchais is all of that – friends, American and French, walking together towards a shared belief in producing transformational Pinot Noir.